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How to Get a Tattoo in Dubai

Are you new to the world of tattooing? Are driven by the idea of getting a new tattoo? At Tattoo Nation Dubai, with our team of professional artists and a standard Dubai studio, we’ll make your tattoo experience a memorable one.
Getting a new tattoo is a lifetime decision that requires a lot of adequate preparations. Your tattoo will be a permanent part of your body; thus you should have sufficient knowledge before getting one. Being secure and comfortable will also make your experience an unforgettable one. At our Dubai tattoo studio, we prioritize your safety and comfort. Our team of professional tatto artists in dubai also will ensure that all your needs are attended to;

How to prepare yourself for a when getting a tattoo in Dubai?

·         Visit your tattoo artist in advance before your session
·         Know the costs. We will provide you all details for the tattoo in Dubai price.
·         Consider the right placement
·         Spellcheck your ink
·         Prepare your body and skin

How to prepare on the day of the dubai tattoo:

·         Do not drink or eat anything after midnight before the day
·         Dress comfortably to have the areas of your body easily accessible. Ensure you're wearing a cloth you can easily remove for the session.
·         There might be some bleeding; you should prepare for blood.
·         Certain medications such as antibiotics should be stopped before the day
·         The tattoo session is for you, and we don´t want you and the tattoo artist getting distracted from the process
·         Enjoy your session!

How to take care of your tattoo in Dubai

Proper aftercare is crucial to the well-being of new tattoo. A new tattoo provided with adequate care and attention will retain its vibrancy longer. After you’ve been tattooed and leave our shop, it is important to follow the below steps to ensure proper healing of your new tattoo.

Follow your dubai tattoo artist

The most important aftercare service is to follow the instructions given to you by the artist. After your session, the artist will provide you with some guideline to follow to ensure proper healing of the tattoo. Sticking to the guidelines will avoid aftercare related problems such as infections. At Tattoo Nation Dubai, our dubai tattoo shop is open always for any of your needs.

Do not remove bandage for at least 4-6 hours

After the completion of your session, your artist will apply an anti-bacterial ointment on the tattooed area after thorough cleaning; he will then bandage the area. You should plan on keeping the bandage for up to 6 hours. This is an important step to protect the tattooed area from germs and dirt.

Carefully remove the bandage and gently wash the tattoo

After 4-6 hours, wash your hand thoroughly and carefully remove the bandage. Once the tattoo is exposed, we recommend washing carefully in cold water, gently apply antibacterial soap and remove all traces of blood and leaked ink. Washcloth or sponge should not be used to clean the tattoo as these harbor bacteria’s. Wash by splashing water over the tattoo with your hands.

Gently dry the tattoo

Pat dry the tattoo with a clean and soft towel, avoid rubbing to prevent irritation. Let air for 20-30 minutes; these will allow excess moisture to evaporate.

Apply water-based antibacterial or antiseptic crème

Apply a thin layer enough to make tattoo shine; massage gently until the skin absorbs it. Do not apply too much crème as it encourages the growth of bacteria.

Repeat 2-3 times daily

You should continue to wash and crème your tattoo 2-3 times daily until it’s fully healed. This can take between 3-6 weeks, depending on the size and location of the tattoo dubai.

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